Making Maoke : Developing Our Logo


Our personal values are closely tied to our business values. We discovered this immediately in the early stages of our thinking about what our together-work would look like. Equality, altruism, growth, and adventure being among these. Our particular perspectives are of course also altered and shaped by our experience as women, no less due to our being a part of an extremely male-dominated field. These loose thoughts and hopes helped to inform the beginnings of our logo - a symbol that would represent our work together. Reproducible, adjustable, remodelable.


Starting with the letter M, we were drawn to how it contained several things: Maoke, the shape of mountains, and the feminine V. We felt that these references well displayed how we want to represent ourselves.

Slowly we moved away from the blocky, literal M shapes into something looser, more abstract. The space between starts to speak louder.

bannerArtboard 24-100.jpg

Legs sprouted, and a more furniture-based shape came to life. This was an exciting aspect - suddenly it wasn’t just metaphor, it was more. It is our work made graphic. Elegant, functional, and malleable, our final logo is an image that can be reproduced small, big, as a stamp, a sign, or a signature.

She is small but she is mighty.